05 Oct

The process of designing 3D patterns

In these 6 steps I will explain how I work towards a finished 3D-pattern.

 step1. choosing a theme or inspiring example pattern. 

IĀ  have a folder on my computer where I collect ideas, inspiring examples, images and photos. I also have a physical box for articles and inspirational material from magazines, samples, etc.
If you are using an example pattern, always make sure you don’t copy it straight away! Always make it unique. Make it yours. Use it only as inspiration.

 step2. making a color palette. 

It is always useful to determine the colors you want to use in your design. I work with a base of 3 or 4 colors and add to that if the design needs more.
There are some tools for making colorschemes online and also ofline. I mostly use colorlovers or …

 step3. sketch it out. 

Usually, I will sketch an idea I have on a piece of paper or make a digital drawing (I use Krita for digital drawings/paintings). Sometimes I skip this step and start doodling live in the 3D software.
Sketching helps me stay on track because sometimes I get lost in doodling and changing parameters on the fly. Usually a few hours pass by this way… šŸ˜‰

 step4. modeling the scene 

Blender 3D is the tool I am normally using for my 3D work. My workflow is: determining the aspect ratio (square or a rectangular). Then for the tileable part of it I will start with a grid of 3×3 copies of areas that will be containing the elements. Then I will work on the middle piece and the rest will change automatically. Camera is orthographic.

 step5. lighting the scene 

Am I going for soft lighting or hard shadows? What area’s are going to be the focal spots?

 step6. rendering and color corrections 

Finally if all is checked and liked the scene can be rendered out in a high resolution. This process may take up many hours depending on the complexity of the scene.
In the meantime you can start thinking about the next pattern šŸ™‚

Happy patterning! I would really like to see your 3D patterns and creations. Drop a link in the comments below.

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